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Cole Arts Camp

Ages 5-12 | 9am - 3pm

Extra care 8am to 5:30pm

One of the East Bay’s most popular multi-arts performing and storytelling camps for over 20 years, including theater, hip hop creative dance, drumming/percussion, puppetry and more.  
A relaxed, joyful, safe space for kids to enjoy exploring and expressing their innate creativity as individuals and groups.

Activities Overview

Image by Anna Kolosyuk

Super funny and adventurous stories from Doug's decades of experience as a storyteller, drama and classroom teacher.

Freestyle and choreography dance training to a variety of energizing music from hip hop, 

electronic, pop, rock and more with André.

Drum & Dance Circles: instruments for all.

Hip Hop creative dance, improv games, choreography​ at a level accessible to all while being a fun challenge.

Acting skits, puppeteering, theater games, improvisation, singing and original comedy.

Arts and Crafts: art supplies provided for casual freeform drawing, painting etc during downtime

- Big theater space and stage

- Outdoor space with lots of nature

- Quality speakers and mics for kids to dance and sing to music.

- Drum set, lots of percussion, piano and other instruments for kids to play.

- Board games, balls, hula hoops and more for kids to play with during breaks.

- Variety Talent Show every Friday at 2pm for families and friends in the theater!

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Main Theater Auditorium
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Campers cycle between drama/puppeteering/storytelling, dance, drums throughout the day divided into older and younger groups. They will hear different stories and learn a variety of dance moves and drum patterns best suited for each age range. All campers are together during show rehearsals, break times and end of day stories. 

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Doug leads students in creative drama, theater games, puppetry, improv, comedy and storytelling. Each day he will tell some of his most popular stories about his childhood, years as a classroom teacher and parent, original stories, as well as his favorite myths, legends and fairy tales from around the world. Children will also develop their own original stories, skits and puppet shows individually and in group. Visit to learn more.


André guides students in fun dancing and drumming activities,

while teaching fundamental hip hop techniques and drum patterns. Campers are encouraged to explore their imagination to where ever it will take them, reminded that there is no failure only discovery. Students learn by listening, watching and focusing mentally on patterns and actualizing them in movement and song. Andre's energy guides students to tell a stories with their movements in athletic, musical and theatrical ways. Visit to learn more about his artistic endeavors and projects.